Завтрак для чемпионов, или Прощай, черный понедельник


Далее в переводе опять пропущена часть текста с рассуждениями о размерах пениса:
The largest human penis in the United States was fourteen inches long and two and a half inches in diameter.
The largest human penis in the world was sixteen and seven-eighths inches long and two and one-quarter inches in diameter.
The blue whale, a sea mammal, had a penis ninety-six inches long and fourteen inches in diameter.
One time Dwayne Hoover got an advertisement through the mail for a penis-extender, made out of rubber. He could slip it over the end of his real penis, according to the ad, and thrill his wife or sweetheart with extra inches. They also wanted to sell him a lifelike rubber vagina for when he was lonesome.
(Прим. автора fb2)
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